From the dreaded frozen forests of Hynrur far to the north, to the scorching deserts at the border of the realm of the Mummy Princes of Shan’Zasar away to the south; to the mysterious land of Kait and glorious Vandria to the west; and to the cliff side city of Stormbluff along the eastern Moon Coast – is the territory known as the Freelands. Remnants of the lost Gorman Empire dot the varied landscape, ruins filled with lost secrets of a bygone era

Since time began, this country has been divided into a northern and southern region by the massive snow covered peaks and deep gorges of the ancient home of the dwarven race – the Shimmer Mountains; uniting on the Plains of Celma.

In the sparsely populated and cooler north, the expansive city of Vestrach, which borders on the land of Kait, is the only center of civilization for miles in any direction.

By contrast, the southern part of the Freelands, with its lush forests and meadows, is far more densely populated. The commercial metropolis of Stormbluff, built upon the sheer surface of the cliffs on the Moon Coast, reaches for the very stars.

However, outside its walls the influence of the city fades quickly and one enters a quieter, more rural area.

Awaiting travelers here is an idyllic heathland with dense forests and remote valleys where old, moss-covered ruins remind one of the battles of the past.

The Freelands have their origin in the fall of the Gorman Empire about four centuries ago. At that time slaves and serfs who endured centuries of the oppressive feudal system at the hands of nobles broke free from their shackles in what would be known as the Freedom War. The predominantly human population of the region, since that time, proudly consider themselves a free country and a land of opportunity.

Since the fall of Gorma and the end of the Freedom War, the Freelands have formed in loose sets of small communities – Towns and tracts of land without a single, overriding ruler.

In contrast to the fallen kingdom, the Holy Gorman Church of Helia, which sided with the insurgents during the Freedom Wars, has only grown larger.

Reverence to the Helia, particularly in the rural areas, is therefore a constant presence. Helian temples are located in almost every community and the countryside is dotted with remote monasteries where nuns or monks of the Gorman tradition serve the Lady of Light.


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