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To the south of the Freelands lies the vast desert kingdom of Shan’Zasar ( Zarasrin for “Land of Zasars”) which differs from Damorra in the West to the more than 500 km remote edges of the jungle extends from Czuhl in the east. in the South ends Shan’Zasar on the banks the Dämmermeers , while in the North on the outdoor country – the former Gorma – borders.

As far as the eye can see here the hot, dusty desert sand while blurred at the far Horizon – the flickers from heat isolated barren, rugged mountain groups are identifiable. Already in the time of the fire , away from the War of the Elves and Dwarves, already settled here first people to the great Ran’Duir River (zasarin::" Great River") and its fertile delta.

Prince began building their fortress pyramids and united their composite rose from small Rich desert becomes a powerful Trading nation. But then retrieved the dwarfs Damorras the Dawnrstone and soon the Zasarin were led by their princes, seduced by its holy power and succumbed to the desire for the divine.

Shan’Zasars united leaders kindled with their conquest Damorras the Dawnstone War and damn subsequently itself, as they are – driven by the desire for divine immortality – for decided to Immertod to henceforth to rule as Mummy Princes But when after the Gods case, the Power of Dawnstone no longer was present, the longing Mummy prince for a new Source for the stilling of their hunger for divine power. This they found in the souls of Survivors.

Since that time were countless Slaves, the life force of the Sucked mummy princes and so on made their undead servants who protect them and new souls for them catch. The dilapidated settlements to their Fort around pyramids were to controlled undead Slave camps , but since the rest their empire permanently supplies guarantee of living souls should Shan’Zasar would be as a country the dead end of their insatiable Been soul thirst. Far away from the fortress pyramids and their patrolled by undead Slave camps were the priests the black temple pyramids on behalf of the mummy prince over the cities of the living. guarded ensured from the undead legions them for centuries that the number of the mummy prince citizens abducted low enough stayed to not die the cities to leave .

Additionally began Mummy prince thus, outside the Country their servants to catch prey to send and built the Slaves Fixed Black Wall. Always again fell armies of undead skeletons in the northern countries, while the black boats of the slavers secretly on unguarded shores docked. The economic and cultural Consequences of these developments were for the frightened people of Shan’Zasar fatal and soon poverty made in the isolated Empire of the mummy princes wide. Only by the Gorman Empire came eventually to turn when in the course of the second Kronenzugs the Cities in Randuir Delta – far away from the Fortress Pyramids – taken were. A few months occupied Gorma the local cities, while the Mummy princes with their Let liberation plans time. But the Zasaren even came their undead oppressors before and expelled the occupiers gormanischen on your own. The influence of However, mummy prince was broken and the zasarischen cities refused themselves, their new-found freedom seelenvertilgenden back to the Leave mummy prince.

The Mummy princes responded with merciless retaliation and whole cities were burning. But the Zasaren have had their No longer take freedom and seemed more willing in the fight against the undead superiority of their lives to leave , instead of once again the mummy princes in their distant Fortress pyramids subjugate to leave . And embittered had the undead Rulers find that they were powerless


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